Taxi Amsterdam and blablacar Amsterdam

Taxis vs. public transport

Taxis can be handy when travelling to and from the airport, late at night when the trams have stopped running or when you're running late. Depending on the traffic during peak times, however, public transport may get you there even quicker.

What can you expect of Amsterdam taxis?

Unlicensed taxis at Schiphol 

Make sure you avoid taking one of the unlicensed, illegal taxis that operate at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. You can recognise licensed taxis by their roof lights displaying the name of their operator (see below) and their blue number plates. The taxi meter must be turned on and the driver should follow all the rules mentioned above. 

Transparent fees: rates for 2017

All licensed taxi drivers in Amsterdam must adhere to a defined fare structure. Below is an overview of the three components that are used to calculate the total price paid per journey.

Taxi car (maximum four passengers)

Taxi bus (five to eight passengers)

Waiting rate

When you reach your destination, the taxi driver's automated system will total these three components and you will be offered a receipt detailing the complete fare.

The newest component relates to the duration of the journey. This means, for example, that if your journey takes longer than average due to heavy traffic, it will cost a little bit more. But if there is no traffic and the journey is quicker than average, then likewise, the overall cost is a bit less than if paying purely by the distance covered.

Hailing a taxi

Amsterdam city centre is a myriad of roads, lanes and footpaths. Because space in the city centre is limited, taxis cannot stop anywhere they like. To keep traffic flowing in the city at peak efficiency, stopping is not allowed at various places. This is also one of the reasons why there are so many fixed taxi ranks. View a map of Amsterdam's fixed taxi ranks.

Official taxi operators in Amsterdam

Alternative taxis

It wouldn't be Amsterdam if there weren't a few quirky alternatives on offer. For example, try a Bike Taxi or a Disco Taxi. Or to make an impression book a horse & carriage.

Special taxi services

Find official information on Amsterdam’s taxis on the website.

BlaBlaCar opent Benelux kantoor in Amsterdam

Autodeel startup BlaBlaCar opent deze week een kantoor in Nederland. Het team in Nederland gaat vanuit Amsterdam de Benelux-landen aansturen.

Het nieuwe kantoor in Nederland wordt alweer het zestiende internationale kantoor van het van oorsprong Franse bedrijf. Country manager is Shana Smeets. De Belgische was al langer verantwoordelijk voor BlaBlaCar Benelux, maar opereerde de afgelopen jaren vanuit het hoofdkantoor in Parijs.

Volgens Smeets zorgt het nieuwe kantoor voor een ‘betere connectie’ met de lokale markt. Het kantoor kan ook worden gerealiseerd na de grote investeringsronde van 200 miljoen dollar in september vorig jaar.

BlaBlaCar is op dit moment in 22 landen actief: Benelux, Brazilië, Duitsland, Frankrijk, Hongarije, India, Italië, Kroatië, Mexico, Polen, Portugal, Roemenië, Rusland, Servië, Slowakije, Spanje, Tsjechië, Turkije, Oekraïne en het Verenigd Koninkrijk.
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