Taxi Barcelona and Blablacar Barcelona

It's usually easy to find one of the 10,000 or so black-and-yellow taxis. There are ranks at railway and bus stations, in main squares and throughout the city, but taxis can also be hailed on the street when they show a green light on the roof and a sign saying lliure/libre ('free') inside the windscreen.
Current fares and supplements are displayed (in English) on a yellow sticker inside the rear passenger side window of every taxi. The minimum fare of a taxi hailed on the street is €2.05, which is what the meter should register when you set off. The basic rate (€0.98/km) applies between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday; at other times, including Saturdays (8am-8pm), Sundays and public holidays (6am-8pm), the rate is €1.24/km.

Supplements apply to and from Prat (BCN) airport and the port (€4.20); setting off from the Fira de Barcelona convention centre, city train stations, and L'Hospitalet (€2.10); for luggage (€1); and for 'special nights' such as New Year's Eve (€3.10); as well as a waiting charge. Taxi drivers are not required to carry more than €20 in change; some accept credit cards (ask before you get in, or check the window for credit card stickers). There is a €2 supplement from midnight to 6am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And if a public holiday falls on one of these days there is an additional €3.10 supplement. If you'd rather call for a taxi, there are many different companies in the city that offer door-to-door service, but be aware that they all charge a supplement for it. Supplements are added at the end of the journey.

Barnataxi 933 222 222/
Fono-Taxi 933 001 100/
Ràdio Taxi ‘033’ 933 033 033/
Servi-Taxi 933 300 300/
Taxi Ecològic 932 783 000/
Taxi Class Rent 933 070 707/
Taxi Amic 934 208 088/

Receipts & complaints

To get a receipt, ask for un rebut/un recibo. It should include the fare, the taxi number, the driver’s NIF (tax) number, the licence plate, the driver’s signature and the date; if you have a complaint, insist on all these, and the more details (time, route) the better. Complaints must be filed in writing to:

Institut Metropolità del Taxi
93 223 51 51 ext 2168/

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