The best iPhone 12 deals and iPhone 12 Pro deals for January 2021

iPhone 12 deals iPhone 12 Pro deals iPhone 12: compare carrier plans We're bringing you our weekly roundup of the best iPhone 12 deals right here, kicking off what will (hopefully) be a fantastic year for Apple fanatics. If you didn't bag yourself a device at launch, or over the big sales events last month, then you'll be pleased to note you haven't missed too much.

Well, the big trade-in offers from Black Friday are now firmly a thing of the past now but you can, in fact, still grab yourself great iPhone 12 deals this week - especially if you're interested in Verizon's latest buy-one get-one free promotion. You can read more about this offer, as well as the latest sales from AT&T, Apple, Best Buy, and others, just down below.


(Image credit: Future) iPhone 12: 1. This week's best deals
2. Mini-review
3. Compare carrier plans
iPhone 12 Pro:
1. This week's best deals
2. Mini-review
3. Compare carrier plans

We're covering two devices in this article, the standard iPhone 12 and the more premium iPhone 12 Pro, both of which were part of the initial a few months ago. If you're looking for the other brand-new devices in the range, then head on over to this week's best iPhone 12 Mini deals or iPhone 12 Pro Max deals to check them out.

Starting at $799, the iPhone 12 actually comes in at $100 more expensive than the initial cost on last year's iPhone 11. We think the new 5G connectivity is most likely the culprit here, although thankfully there's a ton of new features to play around with plus the brand new iPhone 12 Mini for those on a (relatively) lower budget.

Inside, all iPhone 12's now have the new Apple A14 Bionic chip, an upgraded screen, plus a rather old-school angular design that harkens back to the squared-off corners featured on the now ancient iPhone 4 and 5 designs. It's also the first iPhone to feature what Apple calls its 'Ceramic Shield' - a new glass technology that apparently makes the display up to four times tougher than previous iterations.

The more premium iPhone 12 Pro starts at $999 and boasts a few key upgrades over the standard 12 model. Firstly is the inclusion of the new LiDAR scanner - a feature we've only seen on the recent iPad Pro's so far, plus an upgraded camera system and stainless steel chassis. In our eyes, this one's very much intended for those users who value those quality snaps from their smartphone, and it seems Apple is really gunning for that top-spot among Google, Samsung, and other leading manufacturers to offer the best smartphone camera ever.

Just below, underneath the relevant deals sections, we're going into more depth about these brand new Apple devices. We're giving you a full specs breakdown, a new features overview, and of course our initial thoughts on whether these new iPhones are really worth your money.

Verizon switching offer: save $250 on your next iPhone when you switch to Verizon Before you jump into this week's iPhone 12 deals - we'd just like to remind you that you can score an additional $250 off at Verizon if you're switching over this week. This is is a holdout Cyber Week deal that can be stacked on top of the various offers below - effectively scoring you a cheaper iPhone, so definitely consider it.
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The best iPhone 12 deals and iPhone 12 Pro deals for January 2021
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